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Roller Derby Bruise Home Healing Methods
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Roller Derby Bruise Home Healing Methods

Editor on November 7, 2010 with 2 Comments

The common roller derby bruise is an injury to the tissue beneath the skin, this is often caused by falling on an area of skin or by taking a hit to the skin. The skin will not have broken but the blood vessels will be damaged which causes blood to seep out into the skin tissue causing pain, swelling and that well-known battle scar characteristic of skin discolouration.

Some people will bruise more easily than others and this is mainly down to diet and how well our bodies soak up different vitamins and minerals. The vitamins you are going to want to want to have is vitamin C and various other nutrients found in fruit and vegetables. What these vitamins and minerals will do for your body is basically build it up so it’ll strengthen your blood vessel walls making them much harder to break when pressure is applied. Other reasons why people may bruise more easily can be because they are diabetic or menstruating. If the bruise persists have it checked out by your doctor as it could be something more serious.

Okay so on the home remedies:

  1. Arnica – this is found in homeopathic or just general healing creams. This will reduce the inflammation promoting circulation of the blood to flush away that hardened old blood that will be colouring your skin black and blue.
  2. The Chinese have a remedy where by you create a mixture of 1 part cayenne pepper to 5 parts melted Vaseline. Mix and leave to cool applying daily.
  3. Vitamin C – obviously increasing your intake of this is going to be beneficial along with your fruit and vegetable consumption. It all helps to thicken and strengthen those blood vessel walls.
  4. Vitamin K – helps with blood clotting which will cause less of skin discolouration.
  5. Vitamin E – will repair your blood vessels faster also helping with the discolouration of the skin .
  6. Ice – reduces general swelling of the area which should in turn help with the pain. So making your own ice pack would be a winner.
  7. Witch Hazel – a calming bath with this added will help the blood circulation causing the bruise to heal quicker. Witch hazel also carries potent stringent and antiseptic qualities.
  8. Parsley – is another natural remedy that has a good supply of vitamins that work as a therapeutic treatment for the bruise. Apply crushed parsley on the affected area.

Of course if you’re proud of your battle wounds you can just go ahead and completely ignore this article!

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Discussion 2 Comments

  1. Smack November 18, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    Thanks! I was just wondering this morning if there were any ways to help bruises heal faster.

  2. Luna Lonestar May 16, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    hey there, i just wanted to share my use of arnica (cause i know some are probably going..wth? is that?) is..actually pretty amazing. I even used it to deal with the awful bruise i had on my back with an epidural. and it cleared it in no time. it also makes the muscle feel muchos better. highly recommend it. <3